Welcome to Workday Baltimore for Managers!

A manager in Workday is defined as a person with one or more direct reports. Employees logged into Workday Baltimore with the role of manager or supervisor will have additional security access, applications, and business processes compared to those with the role of employee. These differences will give managers or supervisors access to information about their direct reports, such as the ability to view employee job details; review and approve timesheets and time-off requests, and view their team's time-off calendar, and leave balances.

Managers have the ability to:

  • Submit your own timesheets for approval
  • Submit your own time-off requests for approval
  • Review and approve the timesheets of direct staff
  • Review and approve the timesheets of the staff of a subordinate manager(s) (as the manager's manager)
  • Review, approve, send back or deny leave requests for future dates
  • View Team Time-Off Calendar
  • Initiate or approve actions on members of assigned supervisory organizations including compensation changes, job changes, staffing, recruiting, etc.

Manager Applications in Workday:

My TeamMy Team (Managers/Supervisors Only)

The My Team application will allow managers to view employee information for their direct reports; take certain actions on employees such as transfer, promote, terminate/change job; view organizational chart, directory, and timeline etc.

Team time offTeam Time off (Managers/Supervisors Only)

Manage time-off requests for your direct reports including correcting time off and placing employees on leave. From this application, you can view and approve time-off balances.


This application allows you to view available reports, schedule a report, and more.

Q: What reports can I run?

A: Your security role(s) determine:

The information you see in reports

Which reports you can run

DashboardsDashboards (Managers/Supervisors Only)

This application contains key management reports and actions.

CompensationCompensation (Managers/Supervisors Only)

This application links you to common actions and views related to compensation, including comparing a direct report’s pay and salary range to others on the team. Use this application to request one-time payments, stock grants, and compensation changes for your team, and to view their compensation history.

Manager Training:

All Baltimore City employees will receive training, based on their job and usage roles.

Training will include an overview of Workday applications and detailed guidance on performing designated functions.

To view the Training Strategy, click here.