Welcome to Workday Baltimore for Managers!

A manager in Workday is defined as a person with one or more direct reports. Employees logged into Workday Baltimore with the role of manager or supervisor will have additional security access, applications, and business processes compared to those with the employee role. 

These differences give managers or supervisors access to information about their direct reports, such as the ability to view employee job details; review and approve timesheets and time-off requests, and view their team's time-off calendar, and leave balances.

Manager Applications in Workday

When logging into Workday, all employees will arrive at the Workday landing page. Along with the Inbox and Notifications, you will have access to several icons called "applications." Each application gives you easy access to tasks and information you will use regularly.

Need assistance with using and navigating the Workday applications? We created Manager Self-Service Job Aids.  Job Aids are short, informational documents that provide step-by-step directions on accomplishing specific tasks in Workday. Each job aid includes visual references (screenshots) along with clear direction. See the list of available job aids below:

Manager Self-Service Job Aids