Welcome to Workday Baltimore for Employees!

When Phase I of the Workday implementation goes live in October 2020, you will begin to interact with Workday by logging in and exploring the Self Service options.

As a City employee, you can view your own information in Workday and perform many self-service tasks. Using Workday you will perform tasks such as entering your time worked, requesting leave, and updating personal information. You will also use Workday to review your compensation, benefits, and more!

Employees will have the ability to:

  • Make changes to address, bank account, and other personal information
  • Update or change benefit elections
  • Review and update income tax withholding for federal and state taxes
  • View pay slips and W-2s
  • Request time off
  • Review absence balances
  • Enter time worked

Employee Applications in Workday:

When logging into Workday, all employees will arrive at the Workday landing page. Along with the Inbox and Notifications, you will have access to several icons called "applications." Each application gives you easy access to tasks and information you use on a regular basis.


The Inbox presents actionable items associated with a user’s role. The Inbox is split into "actions" and "archives." The Inbox is organized in chronological order making it easy for users to access tasks and historical actions.

Personal InformationPersonal Information

The Personal Information application allows you to view/change the following information:

  • Contact Information
  • Personal Information
  • Emergency Contacts


The time application links you to common actions and views related to your time, including entering your time and viewing your time off balance.


The actions in the Benefits application allow you to change and view your benefits, dependents, and beneficiaries. Benefits can only be changed or elected during open enrollment; or if you are a new hire or have a qualifying event. Beneficiary and dependent information can be updated at any time.


The absence application links you to common actions and views related to time off, including time-off correction, leave of absence, view your time off, and time-off balance.


The pay application links you to common actions and views related to your pay. You can use this application to access withholding elections and payment elections; and to view check stubs, total compensation, bonus and one-time payment history, tax documents, and allowance plans.

Employee Training:

All Baltimore City employees will receive training, based on their job and usage roles.

Training will include an overview of Workday applications and detailed guidance on performing designated functions.

To view the Training Strategy, click here.