Workday Learning Portal

Welcome to the City Employee
Workday Learning Portal

Designed for all City of Baltimore employees, this Workday Learning Portal provides learning information and resources. City employees will have access to Workday functions based on the following Workday Launch Schedule

October 26
Workday Go-Live

All City employees receive access to Workday on October 26

  • View your personal contact information
  • View your team structure
  • Become familiar with Workday

November 2
Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment in Workday is live November 2 - 20

  • Review your current benefits
  • Make your 2021 employee benefits elections
  • Insurance elections and beneficiary designations will be conducted in MetLife

Absence Management
and Time-Tracking

Time Entry and Payroll in Workday begins in December

  • Employees will enter your time in Workday  (date depends on your pay schedule)
  • Managers will review and approve your time in Workday
  • January, 2021 paycheck runs in Workday

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